The highest yielding stocks are the first thing new dividend investors look for. The problem is they are often companies full of problems or short term circumstances that do not make them strong investments. These issues are usually filtered out using our HPR rating system which helps us to define the best performing dividend stocks over a 3-5 year period. Below is a list of stocks that have a dividend yield of 10% or more. These yields have not been verified and are subject to change. Usually stocks that have a yield this high are in the midst of a steady decline and may possibly be facing a dividend cut. This list does not include REITs or MLPs which are a very different story and often do have sustainable yields over 10%. Be very cautious of companies that have negative free cash flow yields and payout ratios over 100%.

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Last Update: 08/01/2017


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Stocks that yield 10% or more

4 Responses to High Yield Dividend Stocks

  1. Rolando Cruz says:

    Just so I’m correct in interpreting HPR – the higher the rating, the “better” the investment, correct?

  2. Robert Labombard says:

    I’m looking for a good quarterly dividend for minamal risk and a good return for my investment. Thank You

  3. Dave Showalter says:

    I’m looking for tax-free/tax-exempt monthly dividend paying investments. Is there a list available ?

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